Great Danes

The Most Popular Petz of All Time probably. They keep it low-key though.


Adopted from Mandi @ Cargo. Aldous will escort you to the local farmer’s market on Saturday mornings.


Adopted from Mandi @ Cargo. She’s always down for a Celldweller concert.


Bred here. Aldous x Aldous. 99.99% inbred and she’s FINE. OKAY? Enjoys the farmer’s market just like her father(s).


Adopted from Imaginathen via PUGS. Breakfast has been living among the danes for some time even though she has a mutt tail and body. They accept her as one of their own.


Adopted from Chizle. A happy pupper who will help you ship out your Etsy items.


Adopted from Sirius @ GreenBrook. She agrees that gingers are more fun because they are “kissed by fire,” as the Wildlings say.


Adopted from Anja @ Canes. 11 gen non-inbred. Chusi is from a very impressive breeding project but he understands that most petz lines aren’t as pure as his, and that’s okay. It takes all petz kinds.


Adopted from Salem @ SWSK. Dill doesn’t need a chest patch to look good. He’s happy with his star-shaped ear patch.


Downloaded from Tie-Dye Petz in 2000. Doodle has been around the block, and is also part of a hive-mind with his many copies floating around The Petz Community. He has learned to be an individual after living with the Filthy Hippie fam for so long.


Adopted from Abby @ Orca. She likes hiding in the woods and watching the birds. She can identify 74 species.


Adopted from Wendy @ Poochie’s Poochez in 2001. Faded doesn’t understand all the hubbub about hexing danes, but she accepts the new generations with kindness and wisdom.


Bred here Mocca x Jackal. Figro enjoys classical music and family time.


Bred here. Related to Aldous, Bloodberry, Phoebe. Gravy’s favorite holiday, appropriately, is Thanksgiving. She makes the finest Turducken for all the carnivorous petz.