Hello! Filthy Hippie is a fansite for Petz 4, a pet sim game created by P.F. Magic in the 90s. You can read more about Petz on its Wikipedia page, and in this article published in The Mary Sue.

All the add-ons you'll find on Filthy Hippie were made in Petz 4, and may or may not work in Petz 3 or Petz 5. All adoptions will work in Petz 3/4/5.


Apr 24, 2024
Faunooms added to Breeds and Mini No-Grow Bunnies added to Bases.

Apr 17, 2024
Updated all my old bases and breedfiles, and separated them into 2 differnt pages. Under Downloads, "breeds" are files specifically made as new breeds with breeding in mind. They are tested for passing on traits/colors/etc. "Bases" are intended as hexing bases for you to paint on and make your own hexies (yes u can trade/sell/whatever things u make on them). But they usually breed well too!

Mar 6, 2024
Adoptions updated. I reworked the P5 JRT a bit and put it up for download. It's still a separate breed, but for P4.

Sister Sites

Community Links

Petz Life
Discord server run by me, full-service with petz talk, adoptions, hexing challenges, prizebox for leveling, & more.
Active forum for adoptions, shows, petz talk, etc.
Duke's Group
Challenges and activities that focus on playing the game, rather than collecting.
Petz Universal Game Site
AKA "PUGS". Earn points in games, open a shop, buy & sell petz.
The Flea Market
AKA "TFM". Buy & sell petz via auctions.
Petz Kennel Club
AKA "PKC". Formerly realistic showing, now an archive of realistic breefiles.
Sherlock Software
Download PetzA, LNZPro, Tinker.
Harli's Google Drive
Harli's Petz Google Drive. A Petz starter pack.
Omar's Petz Debugger
I prefer these sliders to the PetzA ones.

Get Petz 3

1.) Download and install Petz 4 to your Documents or Games folder.

2.) Go to Sherlock Software and download and install PetzA to your Petz 4 folder. You will need to manually tell it where your Petz game is. This will automatically unlock the full game.

4.) That's it! Play your full version of Petz 4.

P.S. Always running Petz 4 "as administrator" fixes a lot of common problems people encounter.