Hello! Filthy Hippie is a fansite for Petz4, a pet sim game created by P.F. Magic in the 90s. You can read more about Petz on its Wikipedia page, and in this article published in The Mary Sue.

All the add-ons you’ll find on Filthy Hippie were made in Petz4, and may or may not work in Petz3 or Petz5. All adoptions will work in Petz3/4/5.

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Updates for July 1st, 2019

Added the Plush Puppo to the OW breeds page!

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How to install Petz 4

  • Make a folder called “Petz” on your desktop/hard drive/flash drive/wherever. Do not install it to Program Files, it just doesn’t work. Install the files below to this folder.
  • Go to the PKC database and download the Petz demo. Make an profile first if you need to. Install it to your Petz folder.
  • Go to Sherlock Software and download and install PetzA. Install it to your Petz folder. You will need to manually tell it where your Petz game is (it’s in your Petz folder). This will automatically unlock the full game.
  • That’s it! Play your full version of Petz 4.