I'm Celia and I like to hex. I hope you find something you like! If not, I have custom options farther down the page. :D

December 2022

Added 4 new files: Plushplushplush Labs, Fruitcow Mutts, Carmine Boodles, and Icing Dalis. 2 oldies that never made it onto the archive and 2 new files from this year.

Celia's Rules

You may MPA, gift, playdate, or return these petz to purpleisfood@gmail.com.

Don't claim my work as your own or redistribute in ways other than the above.

For hexed/brexed petz you may rename, gender change, tree trim, and change their eye colors.

I don't mind if you peek at my coding! Just don't copy it line for line and slap it on your hex. Learning how I did something is totally acceptable, though.

My show prefix is FH.

Status Information

Available: File is available for trading.

Limited: A LOT of petz from this file already exist, so it is harder to get now.

Unavailable: This file is not available for trading.

Base: This file is a completely customizable base, you must describe/show me what colors and spotwork to use.

Currently Accepted Trades

Pretty bred petz. I have extremely varied taste, so give it a shot.

Hexed & brexed petz. I'm a little picky about hexed petz. I like to do a lot of customizing, so fair warning lol.

Art. I have extremely varied taste again lol.

If you have anything else you think is tradeworthy, feel free to contact me!

Custom Options

Everything in my archive is customizable, you can change; colors, textures, eyes, nose color, paw pads, and (usually) base swap. Just fill out the appropriate section of the form.

I also have several "blank" bases which you can customize however you like. Either verbally describe it or use a color-in chart. Treat this like an "available" hex. All spotwork will be from scratch every time.

If you'd like a completely custom pet, there are several options.
1.) Check Whiskerwick or Petzcord to see if I have a custom request thread open.
2.) Contribute to my idea box. That is, send me an email describing the pet along with some visual references. It can be anything, like a pretty bird, a piece of art, or an idea you have in your head. There is no guarantee that I will hex that pet, but if I do you will get a custom pet from the file.
3.) Commission me. You will get the breedfile to do with as you please.


Name: (as you're known in the PC)

File of interest:
Left Eye & Iris:
Right Eye & Iris:
Trotter/Floofer: (yes or no)


I personally use this color chart and this texture chart.

It's unlikely that I will simply refuse to trade with you. I might offer a counter-trade, but I promise I'm not scary to talk to or anything lol. I don't know why some people feel nervous asking hexers for pets, but please don't be afraid. :D I'm not concerned with being on wishlists or having ~exclusive~ stuff.