I'm Celia and I like to hex. I hope you find something you like! If not, I have custom options farther down the page.

January 2024

All my files are up now!

Celia's Rules

You may MPA, gift, playdate, or return these petz to purpleisfood@gmail.com.

Do whatever you want otherwise, it's your pet.

Take code, use textures, I don't mind. Credit me if you feel like it.

My show prefix is FH.

Status Information

Available Unavailable

Base: tell me how to color these anyway you would like!

Accepted Trades

Pretty bred petz. I like almost everything.

Hexed & brexed petz. I'm a little pickier and I like to change stuff, forgive me.

Art. I have a kitty and he needs drawing.

If you have anything else you think is tradeworthy, feel free to contact me!

Custom Options

Everything in my archive is customizable, you can change; colors, textures, eyes, nose color, paw pads, and (usually) base swap. Just fill out the appropriate section of the form.

I also have several blank bases which you can customize however you like. Either verbally describe it or use a color-in chart.

If you'd like a completely custom pet, there are several options.
1.) DM me on Discord for a trade.
2.) Contribute to my idea box. That is, send me an email describing the pet along with some visual references. It can be anything, like a pretty bird, a piece of art, or an idea you have in your head. There is no guarantee that I will hex that pet, but if I do you will get a custom pet from the file.
3.) Commission me. You will get the breedfile to do with as you please.


Name: (as you're known in the PC)

File of interest:
Left Eye & Iris:
Right Eye & Iris:
Trotter/Floofer: (yes or no)


I personally use this color chart and this texture chart.