I have a few favorite pairs of petz who I like to breed, but sometimes it’s fun to experiment with new genes! On this page you’ll find naturally bred petz. I didn’t touch their coding, what you see is how they were born. Any brexed petz will be on the Hexed page.


  • You may MPA, gift, playdate, or return these petz to
  • Don’t claim my work as your own or redistribute in ways other than the above.
  • For bred petz you may rename, gender change, tree trim, and brex in any way.
  • My show prefix is FH.
  • You can adopt up to 5 petz from this page at a time.
  • Bred petz are freebies. Nothing is necessarily first-come-first-served though, so you might want to write a little something. 😀
  • Put “is gluten-free” after your name to show you read the rules.


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Snoofles x Rasp

Saatchi – Sarge – SockoSolo – Switcheroo

Some more chin mixies. Saatchi has an alley personality. Socko does not. All age 100 here.

Finny x Fanny

Darryl – Deerman – Decrux – Deli

Dusty hounds from an unlikely breeding pair experiment!

Various parents

Saltine – Silvan – Solid

Purebred Dalis, Chessie OW used

Various parents

Resist – Rick – Ronnie – Rowan – Seville

Chihuahua mixies

Various parents

Topeka – Toblerone – Teller

Dali mixies, GSD and Kelpie OWs used

Tino x various

Ficara – Flip – Fibber – Fargo

Grayscale labbies from a shortie (like Ficara) dad.

Various parents

Dilbert – Dip – Dupe – Dweep – Dwindle

Mixed up meezers! You can have Dwindle’s picture, it’s a pretty good pose. 😀

Glenna x Destruct

GleDes1 – GleDes2 – GleDes3 – GleDes4 – GleDes5 – GleDes6

Some mutts! 4 has selfie eyelids. All have a chest patch. Normal mutt features all around except for stub tails on 1 & 6, and dali ears on 3.

Oak x Takeout

OakTak1 – OakTak2 – OakTak3 – OakTak4 – OakTak5 – OakTak6

More mutts, all with dane ears except 6 who has sheepie ears. All have a chest patch. Mutt tails on 1, 5, & 6, rest have sheepie tails.

Gravity x Butterbar

GraBut1 – GraBut2 – GraBut3 – GraBut4GraBut5 – GraBut6

Russian Blue mixies. All are roughly RB sized/bodied, 1 has a stockier calico build. RB tails on 2 & 3, the rest have pufftails. All have a chest patch.

Sunrise x Lodge

SunLod1 – SunLod2 – SunLod3 – SunLod4 – SunLod5 – SunLod6 – SunLod7

Russian blue mixies. All are generally RB bodied. All have pufftails except 5 and 7 who have calico tails.

Aeris x various

AeDo 1 – AeDo2 – AeHa1 – AeHa2 – AePo1

My favorite dali, Aeris, paired with various dudes. No clue on genders. Seem inclined to pose.

AnuFab1 – AnuFab2 – AnuFab3 – AnuRus4 – AnuTin1 – AnuTin3 – AnuRus2

Anuncia paired with various mans. Not sure on genders but does it matter now? It’s 2019.


Maebe, F, hound mix

Aunt of the above litter.

02, dali mix bred with overwrites

06, dali mix bred with overwrites

09, dali mix bred with overwrites

011, dali mix bred with overwrites

012, dali mix bred with overwrites

019, dali mix bred with overwrites

021, dali mix bred with overwrites

022, dali mix bred with overwritesSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

Abel, mutt mix

Abraham, natural mini sheepie

Amiel, mutt mix