Overwriting Files & Hexing Bases

Here are some extra things you might like to use in your petzy adventures! If you want to put any of these things on your site for download, that’s fine, just please link to Filthy Hippie.


  • You can freely use and edit anything on this page.
  • You can put these things on your own website for download.
  • You can send these things to friends and otherwise redistribute them.
  • All I ask is that you mention where you got it, or even better link back here so other people can also find and use this stuff.

Over Writing Breedfiles

As I said in the guidelines, you are free to edit these files. 🙂 So you can use them as either bases for your own hexes, or as owing files for breeding.


Dachshund overwrite (unibreed) or Lab overwrite (unibreed)

View Dachie examples or Lab examples

I felt like a fox one day, and I liked it so much I decided to make it a breedable file. The labs turn out larger than the dachies (hence “Big Fox” and “Little Fox”), you can see breeding examples above. You don’t have to worry about double ears or disconnecting fluff either.

Puffball Dane

Download Dane overwrite (unibreed)

View examples

Here is a fluffy alternative to the normal Great Dane file. I wanted it to be something you couldn’t just eventually get through breeding like I’ve seen from older files. I also didn’t want it to be too heavily modified, so this is what I came up with. See breeding examples above!

Download the Plush Puppo (unibreed)

A cute lil dog base. I intended it for hexing, but it might be cute for a breeding OW as well.

No-Grow Files

No-grows are adorable bases to hex on. 😀 The puppies and kittens don’t change as they age.

No-Grow Pig

No-Grow Wolf (Great Dane)

No-Grow Persian

Hexing Bases

These are simply the standard Petz breeds with markings and variations removed, all ready for hexing!