Here are some playscenes I’ve made! I try to make them as playable and seamless with the game as possible. There’s lots of room for your petz to run, plenty of storage, hangable space, windows, and ambient sounds. 🙂

I made these in Petz 4 but I believe they will work in 3 as well. Just save the file to the Petz 4\Resource\Area folder.


  • You can freely use and edit anything on this page.
  • You can put these things on your own website for download.
  • You can send these things to friends and otherwise redistribute them.
  • All I ask is that you mention where you got it, or even better link back here so other people can also find and use this stuff.

Woodsy Study


Here’s a cozy little study for your petz! There’s plenty of shelving here for all your stuff and tons of room to play. Your petz can easily access any items you put on the lower shelves.

FH Nursery


It’s a cute nursery for petz of all ages. The crib, like the walls, is hangable so you can stick your night lights to it (might take a few tries but it works haha). There’s some storage for all your little ones’ needs.

Hippie Side Yard


This yard is any pet’s dream! Grow some flowers anywhere you like, splash in the pond, and dig a hole or two. There are two mice holes, so watch out for some visitors too!

90s Kitchen


A late 20th century rooster-chic kitchen design.

Southwestern Living Room


A 2000s southwestern-eclectic living room.