Here are some external textures for hexing. They will work in all Petz versions! 🙂

To Use

  • Save them to Resource\Dogz and/or Resource\Catz.
  • Using LNZPro, add them to [Texture List] in your breedfile by changing “art\textures\texture.bmp   1″ to ” Resource\Dogz (or Catz)\texture.bmp   0″.
  • For the brindles, change the last number (transparency) to 65.


  • You can freely use and edit anything on this page.
  • You can put these things on your own website for download.
  • You can send these things to friends and otherwise redistribute them.
  • All I ask is that you mention where you got it, or even better link back here so other people can also find and use this stuff.

Vortex Pack

These textures are swirly and slightly mottled looking.


Mottledz Pack

These textures all end in “z” so you can tell them apart from others. They give a blendy look to the untexturable colors without the hassle of spots.


Bright Rainbow Hair6 Pack

These are Hair6 brindle turned rainbow! There is also a multicolor version. Remember to set the transparency to 65.


Natural Hair6 Pack

Here’s a set of Hair6 recolored using the natural coat colors, so you can use any color brindle with any base coat color (instead of just orange). Set the transparency to 65.