Here are some new toyz for your game! I’ve made all of these in Petz 4, so I’m not sure how they work in 3 or 5. Please feel free to convert them if that needs to happen! I would love to add them here for download if you do.

Rope Giraffe

Download the rope giraffe.

Here’s a cute yellow giraffe for your petz to cuddle and bat around.

Shark Plush

Download the shark plush.

Ahoy! Give your ocean-loving petz a cuddly shark friend.

Deer Plush

Download the deer plush.

A lovely pink crocheted deer!

Rainbow Owl

Download the rainbow owl toy.

A fuzzy, chewy, rainbow owl friend. 😀

Rainbow Fish Plush

Download the Rainbow Fish plush.

Teach your petz the magic of sharing with the Rainbow Fish!


Download the beavucktypus.

Disregard natural law with the magnificent beavucktypus chew toy!

Kong Platypus

Download the Kong Platypus.

A nubby purple platypus for both chewing and comfort. Majestic!