Chinchilla Persians

Here are my assorted tiny floof cats, who flop on the ground and ask for belly rubs.


Bred here. Bootcut is undoubtedly named for his favorite style of denim wear. What else will fit stylishly over his work boots?


Bred here. Bootcut’s sister. A danger-floof! Look out for her sneak attack when you rub her belly.


Bred here. Danger x Bootcut. Inbreeding is just fine. Tommen and Myrcella are good children!


Adopted from KcCrystal. She started all my chinnie love! What a Good Girl she is.


Bred here. Half-sibling to Bootcut & Danger. Such class! You won’t find her sleeping with her brother *AHEM*. She plans to raise Dollie up proper.


Adopted from Mel. Mistook insists he started the chinnie craze, as he is clearly a few months older than Funnie. It is The Great First Chin Mystery. He is polite, yet firm, in his claim.


Adopted from Jesi @ Shotglass. Rasp is a Sweet Boi as long as you keep petting him!


Adopted from Jeannie. I adopted Snoofles based on two things: her name and her giant chinnie head. Also her potato body. Three things! I was not disappointed in any of them, and she has lovely kittens too!