Hexed Catz

Stunning examples of hours and days well spent adding spots and mods to pixel animals.


Ozland’s Grunge Glamorous

Adopted from Jamie @ Animal Farm. Once very Edgy and Cool for her time, she has aged like a fine wine and has great stories about her wild youth.


Adopted from Ashley @ Socks. A very Soft and Good cat. She’ll water your plants while you’re away and very likely not chew on them.

Dollie & Tiger

Adopted from Rebs. The weird kind of inseparable twins who speak in unison and finish each other’s sentences. But also fun!! ~__^


Adopted from Lu. Oh my gosh bless her she’s so interstellar. A magical girl.


Adopted from Ashley @ Socks. A most delicate and refined lady who loves wholesome fun.


Adopted from Kari @ Idolum. Owns his own vegan gluten-free bake shop for petz.


Adopted from Catherine. He needs his Old Man Sweater because he has no fur. Wise beyond his years.


Adopted from Sushi (2003). I felt very special to receive the high honor of being selected as the owner of a Hexed Pet at the tender age of 13. Linyet remains humble about it to this day.


Adopted from Witzy @ Witz World (2002). Another time I felt special after tirelessly working on a likely lengthy application for a Hexed Pet in 2002. Different times. Lunacy always has a story for the whippersnappers of the 2010s.


Adopted from Kanami. She will grant your wishes as long those wishes involve feeding or petting catz.


Adopted from Hannah (2004). Helps Fresh in his bake shop. She is the good, sweet kind of mint. Not the medicinal kind.


Adopted from Cel. You thought it was doggo with puffy tail. Is actually cate with doggo markings. Bamboozled again!


Adopted from Pinto. A spindley boy ready for the Actual Most Wonderful Time of The Year.


AC adoption. A wrinkley girl ready for the PKC circuit.


AC adoption. Extremely playful despite being designed for posing.


Adopted from WL. A sneaky boy. You probably can’t even see him.


Adopted from Max @ Frivolous. Spokescat for Petz Dental Hygiene Awareness. Impressive chomps.


Adopted from Cel. ALL CAPS for such a fluffy girl. Has an impressive squishy and slime collection.


Adopted from Anita @ PixiMyst. We give thanks to our Father of Fur Files and the many textures he brings to us.


Adopted from Windsong. Another member of the Ol’ Gals Club. They meet for knitting on Sundays.


Adopted from Ashley @ Socks. Bless our tiny petz brothers and sisters who make our lives cuter, and more wholesome with their existence. Also a smol danger.


Adopted from Katrina @ Daiquiri. Waffle organizes embroidery lessons for all the other petz.


Adopted from Luli. Yamil will help you build your own PC and troubleshoot tech with you. All for a modest fee of several fish treats.