DKP Cupcake Cottons
Adopted from Smarti @ Dome Kua Petz. Bellmella is one of those “I only get along with guys” girls but we’re trying to teach her better feminism.


Emma’s Dexter is Delicious
Adopted from Emma @ Loser. Dexter makes pretty babies and trots. Maybe not at the same time.


NaCl Take Charge
Adopetd from Shymahr @ Sodium Chloride. Domi is one of my favorite chis! He always makes nice puppies and he’s just a classy fella.


Filthy’s Wet Earth
Bred here. Yawner x Dexter. My beautiful orange boy!


NaCl Draw Me a Sketch
Adopted from Shymahr @ NaCl. Stephan is a tiny winner. You should watch his motivational webinar sometime.


Sheba’s Fairly Normal
Adopted from Shebaatje. Turner is the most recent winner of Top Chihuahua Model, a competition he made up for himself.


Filthy’s We’re All Stories
Bred here. Domi x Turner. Yawner watched a lot of the Matt Smith seasons of Doctor Who and that’s where she got her show name.