Dalis are my favorite purebreds. Non-inbred dogz will be labeled for your breeding-request convenience.


SGCh. Arash/Filthy’s Flower Girl

Adopted from Salem @ Arashmaharr. August 15, 2001. Lines include LFK, Mithryll, Stream Fall Kennelz, Chinook, Temptation, Sienna, TPA, Heavenz Petz, & Petz Mirage. Aeris is tied for Favorite Pet with Luky. You can see I was a Final Fantasy VII fangirl back in the day. Aeris is smart and has kept a log of all her old show wins in her profile.

BIS @ Sunshine DalisBIS @ ChinookBIS @ Dimmu Borgir1st @ Poochie's2nd @ Penny Lane2nd @ Audacity2nd @ Shore3rd @ Arashmaharr3rd @ Splitters


SGCh. Arash’s No Light In Dark

Adopted from Alex @ Arashmaharr. June 21, 2002. Lines include Rendezvous Petz, Silmaril, & SPP. I don’t know if you remember how much of an honor it was to get a black eyed, black coated dali from Arashmaharr. But, I do and I’m still stoked on it to be honest. Delerium is a sweet little ham, and he would like some ham also.


Adopted from Salem @ Arashmaharr. July 3, 2002. Lines include Mithryll, Chinook, Silmaril, Falling Star, Starless, Khorona, Cherished, & Territory. Jello secretly has white eyelids but she got them tattooed to “selfie” many years ago.


Filthy’s For The Masses NCP

Bred here. Opium is an accomplished show dog, and has decided to take on the PKC companion circuit! He even deleted all his pose show awards so he can rank up once again.

Novice: | Intermediate: 


Arash’s Fire Goddess

Adopted from Salem @ Arashmaharr. August 21, 2001. Lines include Stream Fall Kennel, Firebird, TPA, TPW, Heavenz Petz, Petz Mirage, WDK, Beneath the Clouds KC, Mithryll, Prawnball, Wyndhaven, Sierra, Temptation, & Forgotten Lore. Bred with the spotless dali OW. Look at that lineage! Paylay was my requested breeding from Arashmaharr. I couldn’t spell “Pele” I guess. She’s having a jumping good time over here.


Lucky’s In The Limelight

Adopted from Lucky Dals. April 21, 2001. Lines include Calico Kennelz, Asuka, MGCK, & Silmaril.


Adopted from Claire @ Doux. July 18, 2004. Lines include Shenanigan, Nepchoon, Freestyle, Oblivious, Miaow, & Arashmaharr. Straton is the kind of guy who wears a cowboy hat but lives in the city. His great grandpa was probably a ranch dog. Probably.


Lucky’s Shining Glory

Adopted from Lucky Dals. June 27, 2001. Lines include Stream Fall Kennelz & Meagan. Sunblaze loves to hate Straton.


SGCh. The Murder Hole’s A Fine Place To Dine

Adopted from Ashley @ The Murder Hole. Tamari likes to sit in the toy closet with Paylay and stare at the massive amount of toyz available. How does a dog choose?


Bred here. Delerium’s son. October 28, 2003. Lines include Rendezvous Petz, Silmaril, SPP, Fresia, Karanna, Mithryll, Khorona, Wyndhaven, & Chinook. Virgo is a Good Boy who would like to get back in the show ring and show the young’ns a good old fashioned dali pose.


Adopted from Trout @ Zooidal. Will’s Snoot Spot is a coveted marking but he doesn’t let it go to his head.