My Wildz

Here’s my collection of wildz! Since I don’t really breed or show these petz I try to have just a few very special ones. They range from real-life animals to fairytale beasts, I hope you enjoy looking through them.


Adopted from Envy. His name means “father has returned” in Yoruba. There’s so much detail in him, even his mane grows in as he ages.


Adopted from Stevie. Otters are some of my favorite animals! Buzz was the first Petz otter I adopted. 🙂


Adopted from Catherine. Clarence is a giant marshmallow, he falls over his own big self all the time. His spikes ~magically~ change colors, too!


Bred here. Yes Danzig is a bred fella. I didn’t know what would happen if I bred two crazy breedfiles together, but I got Danzig. 😀


Adopted from Rebel. I think I traded for Emmile and Sy together, because I love Rebel’s big floofy catz. <3 Emmile is so sweet and calm.


Adopted from Kezune. !!!! I don’t have much to say about Geronimo because you can just behold his glory with your own eyes. He has a BWS personality and it makes him a fantastical angry dragon cat.


Adopted from Sabor-Rose. I picked Gunter out because I love The Ice King & Gunter in Adventure Time. This Gunter has not let me down.


Adopted from Kdeez. I mean Jeremy is a petz sloth what more could you ask for, honestly?? He even sloths around in true sloth fashion.


Adopted from Michy. I remember applying for these dragons and being super stoked when I got one! Dragons are in my Top 5 Mythical Creatures for sure.


Adopted from Chizle. Oh my gosh Mort is so precious! I especially love his wee hands, and those textures.

Mr. Smith

Adopted from Dew. Mr. Smith is a highly respectable otter, everyone enjoys his company. Dew changed him 1,000 times for me because she’s an angel.



Bred here. A snake dog, you say? Yes we have a snake dog. Riku is another mad scientist experiment with wild breedfiles.

Rodentia & Rodero

Adopted here. I desperately wanted some hammies so I took these two home straight from the AC. They are so stinkin’ cute! Rodero can even work a laptop.

Sinopa & Tokala

Hexed here. One day I wanted some cute little foxes, so I made my own dreams come true. They don’t actually get along but that’s fine, they have other friends.


Adopted from Lily. Souffle combines rainbows and otters, two equally magical things! I can’t get over his adorably huge ass teeth. <3


Adopted from Rebs. Sy is very sweet and playful. He is Sinopa’s bff. He also really likes that basket. His “voice” sounds like a small child though, which occasionally startles me when I have game sounds on.


Adopted here. Well since I got two hammies, I  thought I’d get a ~show rat~ too. They all play together and it’s pretty cute. *o*


Adopted from Rebs. Ulysses is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. She leaps around and doesn’t ask much of anyone. She just wants to lurk. Perhaps, one day, she will share her wisdom with us.


Hexed here. I hexed some pigs for a Swap of some sort I believe, and I made myself Wilbur to keep. She is Clarence’s bff. He especially likes her bacon booty.